Who We Are

We are innovative Engineering Company

Cannox is an engineering and manufacturing company specialised in producing and designing innovative solutions and high-quality products for the cannabis industry.

What makes the company outstanding are its high quality and innovative solutions, a genuine passion for the work and a commitment to reliable partnerships that put people and valuable relationships first.

Meet Our Founders

Mechanical engineers passionate about innovations

Adam Petrič & Anej Stibilj


Our Vision

Satisfied customers are repeat customers and long-term customers. The goal of our activities is the long-term satisfaction of our customers by supplying technologically leading, reliable and safe equipment and by providing the highest service level possible. We want to be the market leading supplier of Cannabis Post-harvesting Care Equipment in Europe and be a synonym for reliability and integrity for both customers and suppliers. We believe in the potential of our markets and want to generate continuous growth for all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

We help you preserve your margins with lowering operating costs!

As a multi-year experts with demonstrated skills and experiences in production engineering we would like to embed the highest quality assurance standards (TQM) and mass series production practices from automotive industry and bring cannabis operations to the next level.

Zero defects and on-time deliveries are our commitments.